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The story behind my Twitter handle

People who aren’t big Southern Rock fans sometimes wonder what my Twitter handle @mryankeeslicker means. Here’s the story…

I grew up in the 1970’s listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd and idolizing their lead singer, the late great Ronnie Van Zant. He told the best stories about life on the road as a whiskey rock and roller in the Deep South and their own hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Those songs and stories took me to places and situations I’d never know.

Being from north of the Mason Dixon line, and perhaps a bit more big city than their liking, I always thought if I ever got a chance to meet Ronnie and his band, they’d see me as a “Yankee Slicker” – a fancy talking carpet bagger, not to be trusted, just as he sang about in Workin’ For MCA. That Mr. Yankee Slicker purportedly was none other than the legendary Producer Al Kooper. Good company to keep I say.

So, here’s to ya Ronnie – one more bourbon for road from a Yankee Slicker.


One thought on “The story behind my Twitter handle

  1. Kimberly Sharp

    Well Mr. Yankee Slicker as a native Floridian who grew up on Skynyrd, I am sure if Ronnie and the boys would have met you they would have recognized an outlaw kindred spirit, taken you to the closest bar, bought you endless rounds of whiskey, maybe got into a brawl or two and sent a roadie the next morning to scrap you off the floor. Just another night on the road with the boys for Jacksonville.

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