I’ve had the chance to work for two online gaming companies, but in the business of providing both the tools and playback engines for games. Very fun times.



wildtangent game



Wild Tangent game channel

Wild Tangent, Inc.

Directed the development of the Wild Tangent game channel console to distribute online browser games via HP Desktops. Very successful program of getting “deep advertising” built right within the game assets themselves.



acme game

acme game

“Acme” (3D browser game)

Newfire, Inc.

At the Silicon Valley startup called Newfire, we decided to have a hackathon over a few days to put our products for creating online 3D games to the test. You’ll undoubtedly notice the era this 3D browser game was created in – rendering real-time 3D graphics in a browser was nothing short of a miracle. I taught myself to use 3D Studio Max as part of this 48 hour exercise. Not bad for a beginner. The game actually worked in the Netscape browser at the end of the session. Pretty fun I must say. Beep! Beep!