a holographic visualization series



We are all still in the very early days of exploring this game changing medium called Mixed Reality.

These conceptual dives into the world of Holographic Visualization are intended to spark your imagination. Let’s figure out together how we can best take best advantage of this multi-dimensional design space. These pieces fast forward us to a time when we’ll all think nothing of it. It’ll be ubiquitous and quite expected — that’s why the observer can see all of the publicly visible holograms.

A continuing series.

– M. Pell


Guest Speaker

“Guest Speaker”



Next Quarter


“Next Quarter”



In the Data


“In the Data”



Break Time


“Break Time”








 Live from Somewhere


 “Live from Somewhere”



Ready Player One


“Ready Player One”




M. Pell

ABOUT THE ARTISTMike Pell is leading Design for The Microsoft Garage, an innovation accelerator turning employee’s wild ideas into reality daily, worldwide. Bold, insightful and uncompromising, Mike is recognized as a thought leader in the field of Holographic Visualization and Smart Information.