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Mike Pell, D2 Startup Factory talk

November 18, 2015
D2 Startup Factory
Seoul, South Korea


July 26, #Futurists
World Future Society
San Francisco, CA


Sept 16, #DSRupted

DSrupted 2015

Toronto, Canada


Mike Pell, Visualized 2014talk

“The Age of Smart Information”

Times Center, New York City

As we use high concept and stunning print layout techniques make our visualizations stand out as novel, clear and beautiful, are we also spending as much effort applying principled interaction design to provide a deeply satisfying engagement model for the content itself? Are we designing a visualization’s interface deliberately or as an afterthought? Is our content’s behavior predictable?

Watch the video


Mike Pell, UX Day 2013 talk

“Bringing One Microsoft to Life”

UX Day 2013
Microsoft Corp.

Presented observations, cautionary tales and best practices from around the company as we try to master collaboration between disparate teams and divisions.


Mike Pell, Startup Weekend @ Microsoft

“Teleporter” (idea to working proto in 48 hours)

Startup Weekend 2013
Microsoft Corp.

Led a very talented cross-disciplinary team of individuals from all over Microsoft in this two day exercise to build a working code prototype within the Startup Weekend event. Started with me pitching the idea of “Teleporter” to the Startup Weekend attendees and having them vote and self select what team to join. The Windows 8 app demonstrated how someone can deeply experience the sights, sounds and live local events of faraway places without physically being there.


Mike Pell, UX Day 2012 talk

“Designing for Scale + Complexity”

UX Day 2012
Microsoft Corp.

Examples of how to apply the Microsoft Design Principles to the realm of extreme scale + complexity in the modern datacenter. Discussion of successful approaches and techniques for clarifying the concepts while not hiding the necessary complexity.


Mike Pell, Ask a PM series

“Who really owns design – PM, UX or both?”

Ask a Program Manager series, 2012
Microsoft Corp.

Panelist on the recurring series “Ask a PM” during the debate about which discipline within the company owns the design of our products, devices and services. Answer? No one owns design. It’s a shared responsibility of everyone at the company. Every little decision and action contributes to the big picture.


Mike Pell, keynote talk @ Scale + Complexity conference

Keynote “Designing for Scale + Complexity”

Scale + Complexity conference, 2012
Microsoft Corp.

Lead off talk to set the context for the Scale + Complexity conference, which featured speakers from around the company talking about their experience in adapting the Microsoft Design Language (known as “Metro” at that time) to the challenges of complex patterns and big data.



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